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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Exorcism (2010)

Disillusioned charlatan Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) comes face to face with pure evil after recruiting a documentary film crew to capture the final exorcism of his career. For years Reverend Marcus has taken advantage of the faithful and desperate. Now it's time for him to finally come clean. Just as Reverend Marcus prepares to shoot the film that will set the record straight, he receives an urgent letter from a desperate farmer. The devil has taken possession of his beloved daughter Nell (Ashley Bell, and Reverend Marcus is their last hope for salvation. Up to this point it's been all fun and games; now things are about to get serious.

Full Cast & Crew
Theatrical Release    
Daniel Stamm
Patrick Fabian    
Ashley Bell    
Iris Bahr    
Louis Herthum    
Caleb Landry Jones    
Tony Bentley    
John Wright, Jr.    
Shanna Forrestall    
Justin Shafer    
Carole Sutton    
Victoria Patenaude    
John Wilmot    
Becky Fly    
Denise Lee    
Logan Craig Reid    
Sofia Hujabre    
Adam Grimes
Thomas A. Bliss    
Marc Abraham    
Eric Newman    
Eli Roth    
Patty Long    
Gabrielle Neimand    
Phil Altmann    
Ron Halpern    
Andrew Gurland 
Huck Botko    
Doug Plasse    
Patrick Curd
Huck Botko    
Andrew Gurland    

Jimi Woods    
Trace Cheramie 
Steve Picerni 
Gregory S. Carr    
Art Department    
Andrew Bofinger    
David Hingle

Lauren Bass 
Film Camera    
Zoltan Honti    
Patti Perret 

Nathan Barr    

Production Management:     
Joel Jeffrey Nishimine 
Patty Long    
Nicholas Sarando    
Sound     Credit
B.J. Lehn


Shauna Leone    
Gregory Nicotero    
Howard Berger    

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